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You have worked hard all your life, but 

- Are you set for retirement

-Have you planned how to pass on your wealth


Our services

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Wills and Continuity Management 

You have planned your career, your life .

Have you planned how to pass on your assets?

Have you made a will which is well thought out and reflects all possible scenarios?

You are not a factory worker, so your will shouldnt be one too.

We will offer bespoke advice and consultation for a will of your choice, at a very reasonable cost.



Have you projected your income

in retirement 

Would you have sufficient assets to take care of your expenses ?

Check using our free calculators. 

If you have insufficient assets, we can help you to build wealth.

If you are well covered, you can leave behind a legacy. 

Risk management 

Have you thought about life risks and continuity?



We can create a  living will or advise on trusts  that capture your wishes , if you were incapable of acting . Your family would not have the burden of making decisions on your behalf.

This will give you and your family peace of mind. 

Why us?

What makes us unique?

We create wills for Indians.

We also create wills for Global Indians -  who have assets  in India and worldwide.

How can you benefit?

Many people go through life without proper planning. We help plan for your assets, pass them on, and future-proof your life.

Why us?

  • We have a team of legal experts, finance experts, risk managers, and more.

  • We understand assets in multiple jurisdictions. 

  • Expert consultations and customised reviews are included in our comprehensive offering.

  • Our charges are reasonable.

Contact us now! 

Well planned is a job well done !

What Our Clients Say

Padmini Dev


We were very happy with the services offered, and we made a will quickly and with no fuss.


BHEL Retired

I finally created a will that I was postponing for a long time, and i was happy with Tanium wealth who was discreet and comprehensive.

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