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Risk Management & Advanced Directives

You have planned your career, your life.

have you planned for your long term care ? have you written a living will?

We can help you craft an advanced healthcare directive that takes into account your wishes, and relieves family members of the burden of deciding how to look after you when you grow older.

Risk Management and continuity planning 


How will your family know what you own, if you are unable to?

what should your family do if, unfortunately, you were to become incapacitated?

We will help you make a continuity plan that keeps your loved ones fully prepared. We deliver peace of mind.

Wills and Art 

Have you made a will and last testament? Is it well thought out, and does it reflect all possible scenarios?

Does it truly reflect your wishes? 

Is there a cause you wish to leave a legacy to?

We help you to craft a will that you can be proud of.

it will reflect you, your story, your deep desires, and what you want to leave for this world. 

Unlike cookie-cutter wills drafted by standard lawyers, our wills are artistic and well thought out. 

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